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Club MYX is more than an audio stream, more than a live DJ mastermix broadcast, more than a new music promotions company… Welcome to the new revolution in My Experience Entertainment! Club MYX was created in 1998 through a teenagers hobby broadcasting through the shoutcast server platform (on dialup internet). CMYX later expanded to enhance broadcast quality for local radio stations and independent DJ radio programs. In 2008 Club MYX expanded to take on new ideas and new visions. As a non profit organization, CMYX exists to promote and share live on location events in your area. In 2010 we took on a new task to redevelop our website through many donated hours and time to travel to locations in the Cincinnati, OH area. We will be starting with Northland Ice Center here in the upcoming weeks!

In 2012 we will be hearing a lot more DJ E P Stylez on Club MYX! Will it be at a venue near you? That’s up to you to bring him to your town!


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